Frequently Asked Questions

It's hard to get the button covers on. Is that normal?

Yes. We want the covers to stay put through wear, tear, and washing! It takes a bit of effort to get the cover on the first time but it'll stay there once it's on.

What's the best way to put the button cover on?

We suggest lightly stretching the cover slightly before attempting to put it on. No need to be rough...a little stretch goes a long way.  Gently turn one end of the cover inside out and place it against the button. Now, gently pull the rest of the cover over the button until it's completely fitted. 

My cover tore or ripped, can you help?

Yes, if your cover tears or rips while you're putting it on, please contact us for a replacement.  We'll replace covers for the 30 days.  Over time, your button covers will take the wear and tear instead of your shirts.  Once they start to wear thin, it's time to replace them (instead of your shirts!) 

How can I contact you for more information?

Please complete the form found on the Contact Us page